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  Pauline &

the Blue Fairy

Text : Laurence de Bazin
Illustrations : Armelle Giraud
Music : Damien Parmentier

Storyteller : Daniel Donies

Sound engineer : Bernard Grimaldi

"Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a faraway land by the sea. Everything there was blue. The trees were blue, the flowers were blue, ..."

This is the beginning of Pauline's thrilling adventure. Based on a magnificent text by Laurence de Bazin, brilliantly illustrated by Armelle Giraud, Damien Parmentier has composed an orchestral score to bring this story to life, as told by actor Daniel Donies.

"I still remember my children listening to Prokofiev's (Peter and the Wolf) and Stravinsky's (The Firebird) for years. A CD book takes on a whole new dimension because the arts of writing, illustration, music and speech combine to take your child to the land of the imagination".

Laurence de Bazin
"When I was little, my mother used to tell me stories that she made up. In secondary school, I remember enjoying writing essays that required a bit of imagination. Later, as a student accompanying children travelling alone on trains, I would make up stories especially for them to keep them occupied. They were the heroes of my stories. Pauline et La Fée Bleue is a continuation of this taste for stories told for a particular child, or children. This tale was written for a little girl in my circle for whom I have a great affection." 

Armelle Giraud

"Since I was old enough to hold a pencil, I have been drawing with passion. While studying art and inspired by a dreamlike universe, I had the opportunity to try different techniques, such as charcoal, silk-screening or tempera. I chose watercolour to play with the subtle balance between water and pigment, in the image of the surprises that life offers us." 

       Recording studio

Daniel Donies - storyteller

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